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Time capsule for future Summer Campus participants

Time capsule for future Summer Campus participants

On the last day of the 8th International Summer Campus, the student teams got together to write and leave messages to next generations of Summer Campus participants.

Each team approached the task in an original and creative way. Everyone got overwhelmed with emotion and cried at times, and laughed and warmly reminisced about the last two weeks. The Link team advised next years’ participants not to be serious, but always remain friendly and cheerful, to be understanding of each other and never forget that the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy is a family. Chack-Chack was the next team to speak. They advised future participants not to be shy and be themselves, never losing confidence. The Flexors also talked about the importance of being brave and responsible.

The fourth team, Fantastic Four, began with calling all the Summer Campus participants a family. They recommended future participants to capture every moment, never forget each other, their teams or the moments they had. Never complain about the difficult work or the lack of sleep and never forget the Kazan food – this message came from High Five. Team No. 6 – Together – added humor and gave what they saw as the most valuable recommendation to the new participants of the Summer Campus – to always have bottled water on them, because the refrigerators can be closed.

Members of the Fighting Babies Club gave an equally valuable recommendation – remember that you need to check in before you go to a lecture or the morning exercise, and always support your team members. Team No. 8 – Big Bang – said it is important to be cheerful every day, even if you are really sleepy. Do not be shy – to those whose English still needs improvement. Next the captain of the Jumping Wizards team took the microphone to read the most important words from their letter – to be open to all and enjoy every moment.

Do not be afraid, do not be shy, be happy and appreciate everyone you see every day – this is what the Power team wrote in its letter. Team No. 11 – WOW – recommended shining like diamonds, and Sticky Stickers, talking with everyone, respecting each other and collecting Pulpy drinks from day one. The lyrical moment ended with a speech by Director Natalya Demidova, who buried the time capsule for future participants of the RANEPA Summer Campus.

The International Summer Campus of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) is a unique annual educational project for best students of Russian and foreign universities. The Campus curriculum comprises lectures and interactive sessions with leading Russian and foreign academics, government employees and world-class business executives. RANEPA Rector Vladimir Mau, leading Russian and foreign experts, Russian and foreign business leaders, high-ranking officials and civil servants will traditionally speak at the Summer Campus.

The organizers of RANEPA Summer Campus include RANEPA, the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.

General partner: The Сoca-Cola Company; Partner: ACIG Group of Companies.

Official information partner: TASS. Campus news agency: Interfax. Strategic partner: RIA Federalpress. Main information partner: Polit.Ru. Campus magazine: Profile. Campus internet media: Invest Foresight. Leading information partner: RNS. Main regional information partner: Realnoye Vremya online newspaper. Campus TV: Tatarstan State TV and Radio Company. Information partners: Parlamentskaya gazeta, Komsomolskaya Pravda Kazan newspaper, Strategia magazine,, Efir 24, InKazan, KazanFirst, and Public Administration journal.

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