Ideas, values, knowledge: how the first day of the Summer Campus went

The first day of the International Summer Campus was dedicatedto Campus Ideology. The opening ceremony was held today, July 12, after which the participants attended lectures and master classes by leading experts, and the teams started working on their projects.

The day began with a speech by Sam Potolicchio, professor at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, founder and president of Preparing Global Leaders Foundation, an educational nonprofit organization. He spoke on “Cognitive Charisma and Effective Decision Making” and told the participants about effective decision-making tools. The expert also focused on cognitive traps and led the students through several games that helped them increase their creativity and understand how to make informed choices in their daily lives.

“People often ask me how to become a leader and whether people are born with leadership qualities or acquire them in the course of life. And that question always puzzles me. I am convinced that leaders become leaders by constantly overcoming obstacles and stepping out of the comfort zone,” Sam Potolicchio stressed. “Do something new every day: go somewhere where you have not been to before, talk to people you do not know, argue, ask questions. This is the only way, by trial and error, to reach the next level.” 

The students also talked to Aleksandar Ruzhevich, General Director of Coca-Cola Russia. The speaker talked about how one can make the best use of the knowledge and experience gained to build a career. Students actively participated in the discussion and asked many questions. They were particularly interested in soft skills development, the development of personal qualities which are extremely important in any professional activity nowadays. 

Of course, the Campus opening ceremony and raising of the flag was the most important event of the day. The opening ceremony was attended by Rector of RANEPA Vladimir Mau, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Alexey Pesoshin, Vice Rector of the Presidential Academy and Director of AIRR Ivan Fedotov, General Director of Coca-Cola HBC Russia Aleksandar Ruzhevich and others. 

Following the gala event, students attended a lecture by Vladimir Mau. He talked to the participants about economic trends, current challenges and digital transformation. Rector of RANEPA also expressed confidence that participation in the Summer Campus will help children gain practical knowledge necessary for building a successful career in the modern world. 

Team presentations took place during the evening cultural program. Pinecone, Storm, Echpochmak – these words seem unrelated. But that is how the participants named their teams! Each team also presented a short video about themselves, a logo, a slogan and a flag. Juicy Squad’s performance was especially memorable, and the jury noted the unity of the team, its interaction with the audience and the high level of performance. As has been the tradition for many years, the first day ended with an evening gathering, where participants shared their thoughts and emotions. 

In the gallery you can see a photo report from today’s events. See you later!

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