Summer Campus Participants Learn Secrets of Success

The second day at the International Summer Campus was devoted to goal setting. The students attended lectures on corporate social responsibility, learned about the peculiarities of public speaking, and were presented some successful examples of interaction between the youth and authorities.  

Today the Campus participants met Irina Arkhipova, External Relations and Communications Director of Coca-Cola HBC Russia. Her presentation was dedicated to sustainable development: Irina talked to the participants about the importance of protecting the environment, about the consumers and supporting local communities. In a world where confidence in the brand is the key purchase driver for 88% of the consumers, corporate social responsibility is vital. The speaker emphasized the importance of reputation management – both personally and at the company scale, and expressed the hope that this knowledge would come handy to participants in their future professional activities.

“We often feel powerless in the face of global problems, when it looks like nothing we do can change things. The only piece of advice I can give here is start with yourself,” Irina Arkhipova emphasized. “Don’t try to change the world in a day, don’t blame external circumstances, don’t make people change something. Just set an example – to your family, your friends, your loved ones. Of course, this road is neither easy nor short. But this is the only way for us to get to a better future.”

Full of enthusiasm, the Campus participants then headed for their next lecture – with Sam Potolicchio, whom the fellows had already met the day before. This time the lecture was about public speaking and its role in building a personal brand. The expert shared a few important tips on how to prepare for public speaking, and revealed the secrets of successful presentations. The students were also given a chance to analyze the speeches by famous people and to consolidate their knowledge with specific examples. 

The second day of the Campus was rich in exciting events: Damir Fattakhov, the Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, also visited Sviyaga Hills. He spoke to the participants about youth policy in Tatarstan and presented examples of the government’s successful interaction with the youth. One example was the construction of Urama, the largest adventure park in Russia. The project of a national scale was conceived and implemented from the ground up by some interested and talented young people. 

“Whatever it is you do in life – do it well. Do it the best you can, do it with love. Get really involved in what you do. Don’t be indifferent. Then the people will surely learn about you, and you are bound to succeed,” Damir Fattakhov said. 

In addition to attending the lecture program, the participants are working actively in their teams. Today, they started working on online courses – under the guidance of experienced mentors and tutors, of course. They discussed preliminary topics and made plans on bringing the concepts to life. And in the evening, after dinner, the students tested their knowledge in an intellectual quiz. Congratulations to the Echpochmak team for a well-deserved win!

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