Global trends – the topic of the third day of the Summer Campus

Today, the Campus participants talked about the global transformation of society and how the coronavirus pandemic had forever changed the life around the world.

The third day of the Summer Campus was dedicated to the Global Trends topic and started with the presentation of the youngest city in Russia, the Innopolis science city, one of the world’s major centers of innovative technologies. The satellite city of Kazan is the IT capital of Russia. This is where the offices and technical laboratories of the country’s leading companies are located. Vadim Galeev, Deputy General Director for Development and Resident Relations, told the students about life in the science city and shared information about the latest scientific developments of its residents.

At noon there was a discussion with Polina Khabarova, Deputy General Director and HR Director of Coca-Cola HBC RUSSIA, and Irina Petrova, HR Director of Coca-Cola HBC RUSSIA. The moderator was Svetlana Vityugova, Managing Director of TBM Partners. By the way, Svetlana is one of the Campus mentors. The meeting was devoted to the specifics of HR management in today’s digital world. Experts shared their experience in recruiting and training employees and talked about the latest trends in HR development related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The lecture program did not end there. Today, Ksenia Yudaeva, First Deputy Chairperson of the Central Bank of Russia, also spoke to the Campus students about global trends in the economy. «The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions is a key skill needed to succeed in today’s world. And this applies to all areas: our everyday life, business, government activities. We need to be flexible and able to quickly adjust all processes for any crisis situation. This is the main lesson the whole world learned during the pandemic,» said Ksenia Yudaeva.

Finally, the Campus students met with Dmitry Chumov, Head of Employer Branding Lead at CROC. At the interactive lecture the attendees talked about their dream job and tried to understand in what areas they would like to develop in the future. They also shared their personal stories and asked many questions about career building.

The participants did not forget about the team projects either — they kept working on them through the whole day. And to give everyone a chance to show their talents, the long-awaited «Voice» show was held in the evening at the Summer Campus. The audience actively supported each participant: it goes without saying that singing along to your favorite songs is the best way to relax after such a busy day. The winners were Zulfat Gabdulin and Rafael Kamaleev.

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