Interim Project Presentation Took Place at the International RANEPA Summer Campus

The sixth day of the Campus was set aside for “syncing the watches”: in addition to attending lectures by leading speakers, the participants also presented their draft team projects to the jury.  

Aleksey Rybnikov, head of the EY Russia Business Information Center, once again spoke to the students as part of the Campus lecture program. This time the meeting was dedicated to “The New Reality: Business – State Interaction under Uncertainty and Accelerated Digitalization". The participants learned about the basic principles of interaction between business and government representatives, and talked about how the disruptive technological development brought about by the pandemic were changing the process. 

At the same time, students had an opportunity to participate in a discussion with Aidar Bulatov,a renowned entrepreneur, founder and mentor of the Factory of Entrepreneurship. The speaker talked about the Blue Ocean Strategy, which inspires business owners to develop unique ideas and find new markets. He also expressed confidence that this strategy could be applied to any sphere of life – you don’t have to own a business to try it. 

“It’s normal not to understand fully what it is you would like to be doing, what field you would like to realize yourself in. My main advice is – do something. Don’t sit still, mulling over an action plan, just get started. Try things, think things up, explore the markets. Grab onto the first idea that pops into your head. One day it will certainly lead you to success. The key is to start”, Aidar stressed. 

The second half of the day was devoted to the interim presentation of the students’ projects: the teams appeared before the jury to present the concepts of personal online training courses they had been working on for the last 6 days. The experts provided constructive feedback, evaluating the project strengths and pointing at weaknesses to be corrected. The presentation helped the participants assess their achievements and get the feel of what the future project presentation would be like. 

Finally, an exciting day ended with some art classes. Campus participants could try their hand at anything, from drumming to leather crafting. This event helped them unleash their creativity, socialize, and take their minds off of their busy project schedule.

Check out the gallery for the best shots from today’s events!

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