E-commerce and Universities of the Future: How the First Week of RANEPA Summer Campus Went

Today, the students delved into the topic of e-commerce, learned about the transformation of University campuses around the world, and left a message for the future participants of the RANEPA Summer Campus.

Alexandra Tsygankova, head of e-commerce at Coca-Cola HBC RUSSIA, met with the kids in the morning. She talked to the Campus participants about the latest trends in e-commerce, spoke about the company’s activities in this area, and highlighted the key aspects to focus on when developing e-commerce.

Today the students also met with Daria Chernikova, Deputy Director of the Tomsk State University Scientific and Educational Center for Urban Studies and Regional Development. As part of her lecture, she talked about the transformation of student campuses and shared her vision for the university space of the future.

“In today's world, a University campus is more than just an area with a few academic blocks and administrative buildings. It is a platform that should inspire students and encourage scientific discovery,” Daria stressed. “The campus must become a place for students to exchange their ideas freely. And it is important that these are not just ideas for the sake of ideas, but ideas that will eventually contribute to improving the quality of life of the society as a whole.”

The students’ address to the future Campus participants became an important highlight of the day. Each team was to write a letter into the future – to be read by those coming to the Campus next year. Team leaders read out their messages and placed them in a time capsule, which was then buried in the Sviyaga Hills Center. In the evening, everyone gathered for a concert and disco to recover their energy and rest after a busy day. 

You can find all the best photos of the day in our gallery!

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