The Land of Opportunity: a Report on the Fifth Day of the Campus

The fifth day of the International RANEPA Summer Campus was dedicated to future challenges and prospects: the participants discussed the transformation of society and the role played by the pandemic in this process.

On this day, students attended a lecture by Alexander Plakida, a board member of ACIG Group, a group of companies that promotes sustainable development of organizations, territories and the society as a whole. The expert talked about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the challenges of our time and the importance of international cooperation to overcome them.

At the same time, Veneta Baeva, one of the Campus mentors, gave a lecture on “Human Capital and its Role in Enhancing Professional Competitiveness in Today’s Labor Market”. Human capital is the knowledge, skills and health that people invest in and accumulate over their lifetime, which enables them to maximize their potential. Together with the students, Veneta reviewed the history of the concept and its role in today’s world.

Another guest at the Campus today was Marina Zhigalova, an entrepreneur and investor, one of the key persons in the Russian media market. The topic of her discussion with the students was success as a lifelong adventure. Most of the questions from the audience concerned practical advice on building the right career vector. The talk turned out to be very inspiring: Marina shared her personal stories and spoke about the importance of continuous self-improvement. 

“Success always starts with a dream. I believe that the only way to become truly successful is to listen to your heart and understand what you really want to do. Answer these questions for yourself: “What is success for me?”, “What keeps me going?”. You have to believe in what you do every day,” Marina added.

In the meantime, the Campus participants continued to work on the development of their online courses. Together with their mentors, they spent the day learning proper goal-setting in order to make teamwork as efficient as possible.

The fifth day of the Forum turned out to be rich in interesting lectures: another speaker, Aleksey Rybnikov, head of the EY Russia Business Information Center, addressed the audience in the evening. His speech focused on transforming the relationship between consumers and businesses. He told the participants about the changes happening in the international and Russian market, and shared the secrets of a successful business. 

A highlight of the day was the Dance Show, where students had the opportunity to have a great time and showcase their talents. Ravin Bandara and Svetlana Susina were the winners. Congratulations!

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