The Campus Participants’ Project Work – Approaching the Finish Line

One of the key elements of each RANEPA Summer Campus program is project teamwork. The challenging task for this year’s participants is to conceptualize and develop an online educational course on the topic “Management Communication in a Changing World”.

“The world has transformed very strongly in the past 18 months, as the coronavirus pandemic dramatically affected all aspects of our lives, including the way education process is structured. Very often we perceive these changes negatively, because they force us to look for new, unfamiliar ways of interaction”, says Natalya Demidova, Director of the International Summer Campus. “This year we want to help our participants to look at the current situation in a new way, to analyze these changes and to understand that every difficult situation is not only a problem, but also an opportunity to change for the better".

Each team must prepare a scenario for one of the training course modules within two weeks. The following topics were randomly allocated by lot: 

  • principles of teamwork,
  • motivation in the team,
  • distributed team management,
  • workflow organization,
  • transaction efficiency assessment,

– with two teams working on each topic. At the end of the final presentation, the jury will select the five most successful modules to be combined into a final online course. Most importantly, the course will be published on the Campus website. This way, the students have an opportunity to contribute to the creation of an actual educational product.

Campus participants have already received feedback during a meeting with Sam Potolicchio and presented their findings to mentors at the interim presentations and consultations. Each one of these meetings gave the students the advantage of an outside perspective of their projects, for a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In just a few days, the teams will be presenting their projects to the jury, each given ten minutes to make a short pitch and answer questions. 

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