Summer Campus participants talked about leadership in the post-COVID world

Today, students of the International RANEPA Summer Campus had an intense program: they talked with leading world experts about the impact of technology and the pandemic on human interaction.

The day started with a lecture by Björn Stenvers, CEO of the Eye Care Foundation, which helps people in more than 20 countries around the world. The speaker talked with the participants of the Summer Campus about how to become a leader and what qualities one must develop for this, and also emphasized the uniqueness of each person and encouraged students to develop their individuality. By the way, for many years Björn was the leader of the Campus mentors’ group, so he, like no one else, understands what information is of interest to the participants.

“Each person is unique, each has its own unique set of skills. And that's what makes us stand out from the crowd. To achieve success in the modern world, you need to answer the following questions: “What makes me special?”, “How am I different?” added the speaker. “Formulate this position and transform your uniqueness into a brand. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing, no matter what you do. Stay true to yourself in all circumstances, and I am confident that this will help you achieve your goals.”

In the afternoon, the students continued to work on projects, and then the Campus participants met with Josep Bertran, professor at RANEPA and Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), who talked about the role of personality in the modern world. He also shared his vision of a successful manager: he talked about the qualities that a modern manager should have and how to succeed in career and life.

“Emotions, a smile, a desire to understand the interlocutor - this is a real international language. But in order to understand other people, you must first understand yourself: a person is like a puzzle, and only we can decide in what order to connect his parts,” the professor said. “Don't be afraid to try. If life gives you a chance, be sure to take it. And most importantly: do not forget to see the good in the world and in those around you. This is often the best motivation.”

In addition to lectures from leading speakers today, teamwork played an important role in the Campus program. The presentation of the final projects is getting closer, the defense will take place in a few days, so the students are finalizing the last details and starting to prepare for the performance.

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