RANEPA Summer Campus participants discussed technologies that can change the world

International RANEPA Summer Campus has completed its educational program – on Friday the final lecture was held, which was devoted to the trends in the development of esports and their impact on society.

Roman Dvoryankin, business development director at Maincast in Russia, a company that organizes cyber tournaments and their coverage, spoke to the students. As part of the topic "Esports and new professions of the digital world", he spoke about how esports has turned from a niche hobby for teenagers into a multimillion-dollar industry.

“What makes esports so popular? In my opinion, one of the key success factors is that the players are ordinary people whom we see every day in stores or on the subway. For example, when you look at Messi playing football, it seems that he is from another planet, very far from ordinary people. And cybersportsmen are not so perfect, and this is what makes them in many ways similar to the audience.”

Roman Dvoryankin also paid special attention to the digital professions of the future. In his opinion, esports can change the vision of profession as such, and education is likely to follow the market trends. And this is already happening: the introduction of cybersport classes in Russian schools is discussed at the highest state level.

“This is a very open industry where everyone has a chance to succeed. You can always write to the team representatives, offer them help or ask for an internship. And I’m sure you will not be denied,” added the speaker. “Moreover, esports is not only about online games and participation in tournaments. There are many professions around it: sports psychologists, lawyers, tax consultants, and so on. You don't need to be part of a team to grow in this area. Therefore, if esports is something close to you, you have many opportunities to become a part of the industry.” 

We remind you that very soon, on July 27, the final defense of team projects will take place. Therefore, throughout the first half of the day, the students, together with their mentors, made the last adjustments to their presentations, taking into account the feedback of experts and the advice of speakers.

Good luck to all teams!

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