RANEPA International Summer Campus has completed its work

Today the work of RANEPA International Summer Campus has finished: for two weeks it has been bringing together more than 180 best students from 16 countries and 17 regions of Russia.

This year the theme of the Summer Campus was “New realities of human interaction”. As part of the event, the best students from all over the world took part in lectures, discussions and workshops on global trends, transformation of public administration and business, education and modern technologies. In addition, 10 teams, led by experienced mentors, worked to create their own digital educational product - the concept of an online course.

Director of RANEPA International Summer Campus, Natalia Demidova, praised the high motivation of all Campus participants. She emphasized the importance of successful teamwork and said she hoped that this experience would be the foundation for the development of friendly relations between students.

“The past two weeks of working together have been very inspiring and motivating. The intensive program, interesting projects, active communication with like-minded people - for the ninth year we have been creating a territory of opportunities for the best students from all over the world, where they can develop and exchange experience,” added Natalia Demidova. “Of course, I cannot fail to appreciate the high level of training of students and the degree of their involvement in collaborative work. Thanks to the participants, mentors, experts and organizers - each of you made your invaluable contribution to the work of the Campus, and you will forever remain a part of its history.”

RANEPA International Summer Campus is a unique annual international educational project for young people, the curriculum of which consists of lectures and interactive sessions with leading Russian and foreign scientists, government officials and top businessmen. The mission of the Campus is to create conditions for communication between talented young people and the formation of a new generation of the country's intellectual elite. The project was created on the initiative of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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