Criteria for participation:

Selection criteria:       

Checking and assessing candidates’ results:

Shortlist of application forms and subject-related video

Subject-related video (1-3 min) in English on one of the following topics:

Scale of scores for competitive selection

Subject-related video – 5-12 points (minimum act score – 9 points)

Evaluation of subject-related video criteria

NB: the video will be evaluated if only it meets the required timing of 1-3 minutes.


Language proficiency level


Novelty / innovative ideas on the subject


Validity of arguments


Logical presentation of the material


Creative approach


Emotional impression


Minimum score – 5 points

Maximum score – 12 points

Индивидуальное собеседование (через ZOOM):

Индивидуальное интервью направлено на оценку соответствия личностных качеств участников миссии и задачам Международного Летнего кампуса Президентской Академия.

Individual interview (via ZOOM):

The individual interview is aimed at assessing whether the participants’ personal qualities conform to the mission and goals of RANEPA International Summer Campus.

The interview with each candidate lasts about 3-5 minutes. Summing up the individual interview results:

Following the interview, the Contest Committee will make a list of candidates who have successfully passed the selection procedure and are invited to RANEPA International Summer Campus.

Good luck!

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